8 traps for the slimming plan

8 traps for the slimming plan You have been distressed by your own weight, and you have taken action, but what makes you wonder is: always keep in mind from high heat and high fat, and exercise tirelessly. Why do you have too much meat and less?Long? Is it “natural to be fat, it must […]

Dietary health tips

Dietary health tips One of the secrets is nutrient-rich, balanced and balanced. To ensure that health must first pay attention to nutrition, nutrition should be too much to pay attention to food mix. As early as more than 2,000 years ago, in the “Yellow Emperor’s Canon”, it was proposed that the grain is for raising, […]

Chinese medicine treatment of men’s sperm abnormalities

Chinese medicine treatment of men’s sperm abnormalities Introduction: The study found that semen and sperm abnormalities are the essence of male infertility. Traditional Chinese medicine treats men with sperm abnormalities and has its own unique therapies, including treatments and acupuncture. Sperm abnormalities include the number of sperm: counts (sperm density per ml), semen volume, sperm […]

Black bad habits make you lose health

Black bad habits make you lose health Modern people are more and more aware of health-often exercise, pay attention to collocation . but sometimes some casual habits in life may make your efforts “useless” and even affect health. Recently, the United States “Prevention” magazine published an article reminding of the 8 most overlooked bad habits. […]

Four Suggestions for Bringing Fans in Summer

Four Suggestions for “Bringing Fans” in Summer Many people at work now bring their own lunch to solve the lunch problem. Many companies are equipped with microwaves and refrigerators to help employees solve their lunch problems. Bringing meals in summer is restricted and requires special attention. What kind of dishes are not easy to spoil […]