[How to boil mung bean soup to relieve heat]_How to do_How to do

[How to boil mung bean soup to relieve heat]_How to do_How to do

Mung bean soup is a kind of dessert that we often drink in our lives. Many friends say that it is also in love, and I want to drink a bowl every day.

First of all, mung bean is benign, so mung bean soup has a good heat-clearing and detoxifying effect on the body. In hot summer, you can drink more mung bean soup to prevent heat stroke.

The reason why mung bean soup can successfully relieve heat is because the mung bean skin contains ingredients that can relieve the heat in the axial direction. This has been confirmed by relevant research of the Food College of China Agricultural University.

And these components that can decompose and decompose will lose their activity under the condition of long-term high temperature heating, and the effect of relieving heat will be greatly reduced.

If you want to make a green-green mung bean soup that can relieve the heat, you need to pay attention to three points: (1) It should not be too long, first boil water, then add mung beans, and continue to cook on low heat 8?
It only takes 10 minutes. Do not cook the mung bean until it “blooms”. Such mung bean soup will not serve the purpose of relieving heat.

(2) Cover the lid and cook. When the lid is opened, the phenolic substances dissolved in the mung bean skin will be oxidized by the oxygen in the air and cannot function in the human body.

(3) It is best to use a casserole for mung bean soup. Flavonoids and iron ions in mung bean skin may interfere with the antioxidant effect of mung beans and prevent the absorption of iron ions. Therefore, when cooking mung bean soup, replace the casserole and avoid iron.pot.

You can boil mung bean soup to lower the heat. Mung bean soup is best boiled until it blooms. Generally, it needs to be boiled for about two hours. You can put mung beans in the refrigerator first. The frozen part will be frozen quickly after cooking.
The heat-removing power of mung beans is in the skin, and the power of detoxification is inside.

Mung bean soup can be made with rock sugar for better taste.

If you just want to cool off the heat, wash the mung beans in the soup and boil over high heat for about 10 minutes. Be careful not to cook for a long time.

The soup made in this way is green and clear.

There is no need to eat the beans together when drinking, you can achieve a good summer heat effect (the best is chilled).

If it is for heat and detoxification, it is best to boil the beans.

Such mung bean soup has a cloudy color (thickness), and the effect of reducing heat is poor, but the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying is stronger.